Note from Our President

During its 85 year long history The Adult School has overcome many challenges; the Great Depression, WWII, the recession of the 1980s,
and more. This was only possible due to the unmatched dedication and resiliency of the staff members who provided the glue that held the organization together. Those two attributes remained constant and
allowed us to continue our work through COVID-19. 

The challenges continue but of a different nature. Some months ago the N.J. Supreme Court ruled on the degree to which communities are obligated to meet the requirements related to providing moderate to low income housing. Madison is one of these. The building housing our office and several others will become a construction site within the next six to eight months. 

The search for a new office space with like conditions is underway. Rest assured, our staff will continue to provide the excellent range of courses and services. If you know of a possible space, please share that information.


For the Board,

V. H. Schumacher Ed.D.
The Adult School Board

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