Our Team

Our Staff

Kristine Leopold, Director

Cynthia Mauro, Office Manager

Stacey Edwards, Finance Manager

Raia Wielandy, Marketing Manager

Maureen Dorney, Administrative Assistant 

Cathy Baillie, Evening Administrator
Susan Mennella, Evening Administrator

Taylor Tracy, Social Media Manager &
     Trip Coordinator

Gayle Shimoun, Graphic Designer &
      Web Designer

Hands Together

Although working from home, our staff will be available
via phone or email during normal business hours.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Board of Trustees

Victor H. Schumacher EdD, President

Rick Williams, Treasurer

Barbara Burton

Louis Gaburo

Christopher Gillian

Randy Rosenfeld

James Stedman

Jane Stumpf


Thank you to the Friends of The Adult School for their support and funding
to enable diverse, affordable classes for the communities we serve.


Friends of
The Adult School Board of Trustees

Laura Begg

Amy Cobb

David Cross

Kathy Grilli

Susan Mennella

Jane Raho

Researching and Writing

Thank you to these individuals and organizations
for their support of The Adult School.


Superintendents of Schools

Maria Carrell

Hanover Park Regional High School District


Dr. Michael LaSusa

School District of the Chathams


Dr. Steven Caponegro

Florham Park School District

Represented by Jane Stumpf


Mark Schwarz

Madison School District


Dr. Margaret Dolan

Westfield School District

Join us and discover your passion at The Adult School!